Quality is the key to customer satisfaction and Betafence will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.


We are confident that your products will stand the test of time when coated by Betafence. 

The Betafence industry experience, and legacy knowledge gives customers confidence that they are choosing the right powder coating solution. 


All our products are tested in world-class laboratories by industry-leading experts and under the most extreme conditions.

Our corrosion-resistant coating has been tested in leading industry laboratories and is expert-approved to provide 1000 hours of salt spray protection.

  • salt spray testing according to ISO 9227
  • accelerated UV testing according to ISO 16474-3
  • direct impact resistance test according to ISO 6272-1


coating thickness according to ISO 2808

gloss according to ISO 2813

adhesion according to ISO 2409

On-site Laboratory

Our industry-leading on-site laboratory carries out regular sampling and testing of the pre-treatment and coating, giving quality assurance to all.